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Update 2/14/13

Happy Valentines everyone!  It’s been a while since our last update, but here we go.  Finally updated the videos for when we did workshops in Guam, Samoa, and Hawaii!  Check  them out at the bottom of Production page or click the links on here if you want instead.

Update 9/10/12 – Jason for City Council

Everyone’s friendly neighborhood 1013 Integrated President, Jason Suapaia, is running for City Council!

This isn’t some hoax or parody of any upcoming elections this, like Jason, is the real deal.  He is running for a City Council seat representing District 6.

Jason has been heavily involved in the community for a number of years, from volunteering monthly at Holy Trinity Catholic Church as a group leader and mentor for 7th and 8th graders, to serving as an advisor for Kaiser High School’s communication, arts and technology program.

So spread the word and when you vote in General Election be sure to remember Jason Suapaia.

Come check out his Facebook page to see what the buzz is about or to show your support.

Update 9/5/12

Guess what folks more videos!  We’re only four videos away from being fully videotized, so keep your eyes peeled!

Update 8/27/12

Added a new “1013 News” page so you’ll be able to read what 1013′s been up to.

Update 8/20/12

Update 8/13/12

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