About Us

In 2008, 1013 (ten-thirteen) became the first fully integrated branding and production company in Hawaii when Pacific Focus Inc, a renowned Hawaii-based production company, combined forces with Lewis and Montgomery LLC, an award-winning advertising and design firm.

Now, companies can experience consistency and efficiency by having their projects fully serviced from start to finish by an award-winning, full-service integrated branding and production company that has worked with local, national and international companies.

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Back Story

The Back Story

VIDEO COMING SOON! Every one has an interesting back story, and this company is no different. From a very modest one room office in Downtown Honolulu, to a 3000sqf production facility in Kaka’ako, find out how it all began!


35 Years

VIDEO COMING SOON! Call it our own “evolution of video”. Check out this collection of work and sound bytes from people who helped build this legacy for the past 35 years.

Why 1013

Why 1013?

VIDEO COMING SOON! What is 1013? Why is your company called that?” The answer and the reasoning will be revealed soon!

1013 Kawaiahao Street • Honolulu, HI 96814
• Phone: 808.593.8848 • Fax: 808.593.9427
• Email: [email protected]

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