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Pacific Islanders in Communication

Pacific Islanders in Communication wanted to increase the amount of Pacific Islanders who watch PBS programs . So we developed a national television campaign that featured Pacific Islanders explaining why they watch PBS. Check them out below.

My Source 3

“Mahealani” :30TV

Director:Jason Suapaia


“Laulia” :30TV

Director:Jason Suapaia

Skin Stories

“Rob” :30TV

Director:Jason Suapaia

TAP Project – Hawaii

UNICEF wanted to save the lives of children who die daily because they don’t have access to safe drinking water. So we launched a statewide campaign where restaurants asked diners to donate $1 for the tap water they normally drink for free. In less than four months, we were able to provide 8400 children with 40 days of clean water. Not to mention, our donations helped the Tap Project collect nearly $1 million nationally.

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