Client: Department of Transportation

The Limtiaco Company and the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation put out an RFP looking to produce a 30-second public service announcement (PSA). Their goal: to address how medicated driving is essentially the same as drunk driving. After submitting a proposal, 1013 was selected for our visual concept reinforcing their message to Hawaii residents. Even with a quick turnaround time, we created a PSA from concept through to a finished piece that would be shown on TV, in movie theaters, and online.



Carefully considering our client’s timeline and budget, we conceptualized and put together storyboard options that revolved around the client’s specifications and tagline “Medicated Driving is Drunk Driving.” Ultimately, they chose a side-by-side visual comparison of medicated and drunk driving, dramatically illustrating the dangers of both.




Knowing everything needed to be turned around so quickly, our team lost no time in casting talent, finding locations, and preparing for the all day shoot. We held auditions at our facility and put together a great cast and crew for the upcoming commercial.

With all the prep squared away, we went into production ready to shoot.



Approaching the split-screen execution began during pre-production with vetted locations and meticulously planned setups. Production then followed suit with the careful timing and execution of each shot. From using green screen to dramatic lighting setups, 1013 ran the gamut, bringing all but a few shots to life in a day – even going as far as transforming a recording studio into a lively bar.




For a synchronized and dramatic finish, we moved into post-production. Traditional green screen combined with some animated effects helped us achieve our simulated car crash, the intoxicated look on screen, and even changed day into night. To really bring the car crash to life, 1013 created custom Foley, building sound effects from scratch to heighten the visual impact of the crash itself.

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